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     It is said that, "The home is where the heart is", and, "Ohio is the heart of it all".  So, I am proud to announce my return to the Buckeye State. My name is Anthony Brookhart.  I am the son of Randy and Beth Brookhart (The "Cake Lady").  Along with my Dog Basil, and faithful Companion,  I bring with me some exciting, interactive, and unique services, that not only tantalize the tastebuds, but simplify your life in many different ways. 

         I grew up a care free kid in Wapakoneta, helping with the family business. I attended the inaugural year of the restaurant Mgmt. program at Apollo Career Center, which truly ignited my fire for hospitality. I then left home, and the small town life, for the first time to attend Louisville's Sullivan University, for, at that time, the country's only professional catering degree. During the summer I worked as a line cook for the shawnee Country Club learning from a certified master chef. I continued my education with a culinary arts degree at the prestigious Johnson & Whales University in Miami Florida.
      At the age of five I proclaimed to my grandmother that someday I would work for Mickey Mouse, and thanks to JWU I got that opportunity. EPCOT Events; the hub for EPCOT's elite catered events, and main kitchen for the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival, was my home for the next two y
     Post-Mickey, I have had 10 personal chef clients; including the Superbowl champion and recently retired Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens.  I have personally catered many private events, including 5  weddings hosting on average 125 Guests. I have worked with a Baltimore catering company as an event planner, helping plan many weddings and special events. Also, Most recently, I've spent the last year in restaurant consulting; helping plan, design, and execute, a wine bar in a historical building. 
     Though the lights, sounds, and excitement of the numerous big cities were quite gratifying, there's nothing sweeter then the small town where you greet your mail carrier and everyone knows your name.  I have returned to one of Ohio Magazine's "Best Hometowns", Wapakoneta, to provide amazing food, artisan wines, and the Disney hospitality. 

    As a personal Chef, I offer in-home catered events, planned weekly meals, or even cooking classes. As an event planner, I can help you with your wedding, anniversary party, corporate event, or intimate dinner for two. I bring you the Disney hospitality so you can take care of your guests while I do the rest. As a wine consultant with Wine Shop at Home, I can bring the sights, smells, and tastes of Napa Valley right into your living room, with In-home guided wine tastings and monthly wine clubs. Let me help you unlock the mystery of the grape, as we explore the sights, smells, and flavors, of exclusive artisan wines.

    so with great excitement I welcome you to my website, and personally ask you...

"How many I be of service?"

Best Dishes,

Anthony Brookhart

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